Exploring the Spiritual Side of Travel Through Psychic Readings

Have you ever considered taking your traveling to the next level and using it to feed your soul on top of your mind and body?

Perhaps, it’s something you’d be happy to ask a psychic for free if given a chance? If so, let’s discuss the benefits of psychic advisors and how they can make your travels that much more meaningful.

Find Your Perfect Psychic Reader—Who Understands the Spiritual Side of Wanderlust

If you’re ready to take the first step toward marrying your wanderlust and your spiritual journey, start by finding your perfect psychic match.

It should be someone who is not only an avid traveler themselves but also has a communication style you’re comfortable with and the skill set that can be useful, given your expectations.

Approach finding the right psychic advisor the way you would a life coach, a therapist, or a mentor of any kind. They need to be an empathetic listener, understand your goals, and know enough about the subject (the spiritual side of traveling, in your case) to be able to help you.

Some first-time psychic clients are lucky. But most need a short introductory reading with a couple of advisors before they find exactly who they are looking for.

Talk About the Vast Opportunities for Self-Reflection in Travelling

This may obviously vary for different travelers, but generally, the biggest spiritual potential in traveling lies in the endless opportunities for self-reflection.

When we’re far away from home, barely—if at all—speak the local language, and don’t have our usual social circle nearby, we have all the time in the world to engage in an inner monologue. Even more so during solo traveling.

This inner monologue is a perfect opportunity to learn more about yourself, understand yourself better, and possibly, even discover the hidden meaning of your life (if that’s something you’ve been missing lately).

But for all this to happen, you must ask yourself the right questions. Conversations with a psychic advisor, for example, email psychic readings, are where you can learn how to do that. They will teach you how to be honest with yourself and make the most of your self-reflection.

Draft a List of Spiritual Destinations You’d Like to Head To

But self-reflection isn’t the only thing traveling is good for, spirituality-wise. The world is full of well-known and time-tested spiritual destinations that are guaranteed to inspire your soul-searching. Here are a few popular options:

  • Machu Picchu, Peru. In addition to being a grandiose testimony to the level of Inca engineering and the best imaginable ending to a long hike, Machu Picchu is also the number one must-visit destination for every spiritual traveler. Every stone there breathes the divine.
  • Sedona, Arizona. Have you ever heard about the kachina, or spirits, according to the Pueblo people? The legend is that Sedona was once home to a majestic city built by the kachina.
  • Stonehedge, UK. Prefer a domestic destination? Then Stonehedge, one of the greatest mysteries of the entire UK, is waiting for you.
  • Borobudur, Indonesia. Borobudur is the largest Buddhist temple in the world, a ten-level-high mandala-like monument that is as stunning visually as it is breathtaking once you learn a bit about the meaning of its elements.
  • Piwhane (Spirits Bay), New Zealand. According to Māori, Spirits Bay is the last place the spirits of the dead visit before they leave this world forever. So it’s an irreplaceable destination for everyone who has recently lost someone or simply wants to peek behind the curtain.

These are just a few ideas to start your brain-storming. There are thousands more, enough for a lifetime of traveling. And if you’ve chosen your psychic advisor well, and they are a true nomad themselves, they’ll happily recommend other inspiring spiritual destinations.

Treat Your Psychic Advisor Like a Travel Agent

To get the most (in terms of spiritual awakening) out of both your travels and your psychic advisor, talk to them about your traveling regularly. Asking them for lesser-known spiritual destinations is a good start.

But that’s not all. You need to actually discuss your experiences in faraway lands. Once you start embracing the spiritual side of travel, you’ll realize how much there is for you to learn and to make sense of.

You’ll discover practices and entire belief systems you’ve never heard of before. To learn how to incorporate them meaningfully into your own life, you’ll need an experienced guide. And that’s where your psychic-turned-travel agent will be the most helpful.

In Lieu of a Conclusion

Finally, a word of advice for everyone who has yet to give spiritual travels a chance—do it.

The awe you’ll feel once you reach Machu Picchu will be way more intense and memorable if you know its story and open yourself up to the legends surrounding it. The same goes for every spiritual destination in the world.

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