How to Visit Germany On a Budget

With its ease of transportation and tons of places to explore, Germany has become one of the best vacation places in Europe in the recent years. On the downside though, it can be a bit more expensive than other destinations in Europe, but hey- that shouldn’t stop you from getting there. Read on to discover … Read more

Top Four Castles to Visit in Germany

Germany has many castles that have been built throughout the history of the country. This list is the top four castles that are considered the most famous and historical: Neuschwanstein Castle. This castle is located in Bavaria. The main reason for the castle being built was political. In 1866 Bavaria and Austria fought as allies and … Read more

Family Friendly Duesseldorf

Family Friendly Duesseldorf For A Fabulous Holiday Duesseldorf may not be the first place that you think to visit when you have kids, as its full of high culture galleries and museums. However, if you scratch beneath the surface, you will discover that there are some fantastic locations and things to do that all ages … Read more

Fun Family Activities to Do with Kids in Sicily

Having such a large family, it is quite difficult to plan holidays abroad, so it is always a help when there are experts on hand to tell you a little about an area and what is on offer, this guest post has definitely given me a taste for Sicily!