Campsites Near Disneyland Paris: The Closest and Best Accommodations

Travelling to Paris, France is one thing. What you do when you get there is another.

Dividing your time among the 20 arrondissements to hit all of the popular sites and hidden gems is the general purpose and function of your French holiday.

Even if your plan is to visit the Disneyland Paris resort, which is actually 45 minutes outside of Paris to the east, it will be difficult to resist an extended stay in which you can explore the city of lights.

The backbone of every trip to Paris is the accommodations. Some may think camping is too unglamorous for such a romantic setting.

On the contrary, camping is a longstanding Parisian tradition. It’s especially nice to book campsites near Disneyland Paris if you plan to make Disney a part of your stay.

Camping in Paris is not the rugged and rough, man-against-nature, hardship you may picture when you think of pitching a tent in the wilderness.

Although the campsites of Paris do mostly offer a patch to pitch your tent, they also have rather modernized mobile homes and cabins where you can enjoy the niceties of city life without all the background noise and interruptions.

Typically, they offer indoor and outdoor pools and a type of sports complex with tennis, volleyball, golf, or bowling, just to give a few examples.

There are several campsites in and around Paris. They tend to offer a range of luxury that can suit nearly everyone visiting the city for work or for pleasure.

A Disneyland Paris Holiday

A trip to Paris may be subsequent to a visit to Disneyland Paris or the other way around. Typically though, Paris is where you will start your journey.

You may stay in or near the city and venture out for a day or two of Disney. You can take the train to the Marne La Vallee station in Chessy, which is just a two-minute walk from the gates to the Disneyland Paris theme parks.

A Disney-focused trip to France may include a stay at the Disneyland Paris resort. Some of these, including Disney’s campsite Davy Crockett Ranch, are a bit off the beaten path.

The off-site accommodations such as Davy Crockett Ranch and Disney Villages Nature do not include shuttle service to the parks, but they do manage to bring the expected level of Disney magic to the experience.

There are pros and cons to choosing Disney Lodging or a campsite unrelated to Disney. Some have to do with budget. Others may be more relevant to how you plan to experience France as a whole.

Paris notwithstanding, you may consider Disneyland a nice stop on your way to a holiday in the South of France.

Assuming Disneyland is your primary destination during your Paris visit, there are several off site camping options that you will want to consider.

These include Disney’s option as well as others nearby. There are also more luxurious campsites on the other side of the city, that may be up for consideration.

Camping at Disneyland Paris

Disney Davy Crockett Ranch is a woodsy tribute to that American pioneer made famous in the 1950s by Walt Disney’s television mini-series and in the hit song that accompanied it.

This off-property alternative to traditional Disney resort hotels offers 3-star accommodations and a choice of bungalows or premium cabins. All include kitchens and outdoor dining areas with BBQ grills.

Some cabins are shrouded in forest while others are located closer to the facilities which include tennis, mini golf, a playground, and a video arcade. There is also a trading post and a gorgeous heated indoor pool with waterfalls, a slide and more.

In addition to the self-catering cabins are dining options at the facilities from a grab-and-go breakfast to a dinner buffet and even a rustic saloon.

Disney Davy Crockett Ranch is one of Disneyland Paris’s best resort values. It’s also just a 15-minute car ride from the parks.

The Closest Campsites Near Disneyland Paris

If you want to stay at a non-Disney campsite and perhaps save more money or broaden the scope of your visit, there are plenty of places nearby to consider.

Several campsites are within 30 km of Disneyland Paris, but these three are the best of those that are closest.

Internationale Jablines Campsite

At a short 6 km away, Internationale Jablines Campsite is the very best for quick and easy access to the parks.

campsites near disneyland paris

The gorgeous, green, natural setting includes white sandy beaches to enjoy during weekends in May and June and all through July and August.

This is the closest  of all the best campsites near Paris, but about 13 km further and you’ll find another top pick:

Campsite Fredland

Campsite Fredland is a wonderland of treetop cabins and diverse bungalows. There is a covered and an uncovered pool and exciting waterslides. In July and August, there are kids clubs catering to ages 4-18!

Fredland is also a mere 30 minutes from Paris.

Caravaning Des 4 Vents

Another beautiful, green, tree-lined campsite is Caravaning Des 4 Vents.

The three-star site is just 22 km from Disneyland Paris, a 15 minute drive. This site offers 5-person mobile homes and large camping pitches as well. Pitch sites include natural hedges for privacy and access to water and electricity.

4 and 5-Star Campsites Near Disneyland Paris

If you want to up the luxury of your camping experience, two of the best camping sites near Paris offer 4 and 5-star accommodations.

These are much further from Disneyland. However, they make an excellent stay and offer train access for expedient travel to the parks.

They also provide more opportunities to explore Paris.

Le Grande Paris

Le Grande Paris features a fun inflatable playground, and a year-round heated swimming pool.

The accommodations on this beautifully shaded property near the Van Gogh House include 70 pitches and a selection of comfort and premium mobile homes, each with its own covered terrace.

Le Croix Du Vieux Pont

Camping at Le Croix du Vieux Pont is a 5-star campsite that offers plenty of fun leisure activities and a lot of water park fun. This campsite includes seasonal bowling, archery, laser tag, pool, wall climbing and more.

Choose your accommodations between chalets, mobile homes and pitches. You can even book a treehouse hut for 2-6 people.

In addition to closer proximity to the sites and parks of Paris, these high-luxury campsites also feature lakeside views and activities.

Camping on the Seine

Another way to enjoy the water is by camping along the banks of the Seine. Of all the best campsites near Disneyland Paris, two offer the most of a location on the Seine. Camping De Paris and La Belle Etoile.

Camping De Paris

Camping de Paris is a year-round campsite in “the heart of Paris on the banks of the Seine in the midst of nature”.

Cottages, wood trailers, canvas tents, and pitches are among the convenient accommodations at this Paris campsite.

La Belle Etoile

La Belle Etoile is a beautiful spot between the Seine and the forest of Fontainebleau. It’s got pitches and rentals for accommodating 2-6 people.

There are lots of activities and tourism locales to enjoy from this serene hideaway on the outskirts of the city.

Other Top Campsites near Disneyland Paris

If you aren’t looking for the closest campsites, or the most luxurious, there are plenty of other top choices available that may suit your individual travel needs best.

Le Village Parisien Varreddes

Le Village Parisien Varreddes is a river campsite on the Marne. There are 106 rentals and 94 pitches available. There is a vast outdoor recreational area including a pool and inflatable playground. Also, there is onsite fishing, indoor and outdoor sports, and kids clubs.

Camping Les ETangs Fleuris

Camping Le E tangs Fleur is another very popular choice among campers in the Seine et Marne region. The mixture of nature and the country with the proximity to the capital promises a calm and serene indulgence as you return from a wild and restless day of touring Paris or visiting Disneyland.

Le Chene Gris

Among the top picks of those who camp in and around Paris are the Campsites Le Chene Gris. Located in the Seine et Marne region.

It’s a 4-star option southeast of Paris, 20 km from Disneyland. Nestled in the trees and the countryside, this large and lush campsite offers a range of mobile home accommodations as well as tents.

Le Parc De Paris

Le Parc de Paris offers a brand new accommodation for 2023. A cabin in the woods. The wood Tribus becomes available next November.

Until then, enjoy the variety of other accommodations at this campsite 20 km from Disneyland Paris.

There are bungalows and cabins suited for couples, families and large families up to 8 people. There are also pitch accommodations for up to 6.

Some amenities are not included or cost extra. The site also features lots of fun and games including mini golf and a suspended playground with an 8m zipline.

Other Features of Campsites Near Disneyland Paris

You’ll also be able to shop for groceries, do laundry and relax in a jacuzzi all on-site while enjoying wifi which is included with your stay for up to 6 connections.

However many of these services are common and can be found at the other campsites mentioned above as well.

However you plan your Disneyland Paris trip, you will enjoy a stay at any of these remarkable campsites near Disneyland Paris.

Now you’ve looked at the campsites near Disneyland Paris, it’s time to decide, when to visit, check out the best time to visit Disneyland Paris for some helpful tips

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