Africa Alive – Up Close with Animals

Africa Alive (Just south of Lowestoft on the Suffolk Coast) is a large wildlife park, which specialises in African Animals, we took the whole family for a day out.

For most of us,  a trip around the globe to see various wild animals is an opportunity that we do not have, so for the majority of us, the only opportunity we have is to visit a wildlife park, with over 500 wildlife parks across the UK, most of us have one within easy reach.

We decided a few days before and asked the kids if they wanted to go, this was as expected, met with all round positive responses.

On the day we were up early, and arrived in good time, Africa Alive is big and open with plenty of space for the kids to run about.

Eowyn outside Kingdom of the Lion at Africa Alive

Eowyn and Kaide demanded we  made straight for the Lions, as they both ran across the grass towards the enclosure, I did mange to stop Eowyn for a picture, but there was no stopping Kaide, he has always liked Big Cats.

There is a giant viewing platform, and even Tyrus had a great view from his pram,  you can get a really good view of the lions, and we stayed up there for ages as the lions rolled around in the sunshine.

Tyrus watching the lions from the lookout at Africa Alive

Neva took some photos, which is something she has really taken to over the last couple of months.

two lions sunbathing at Africa Alive

Kaide made use of the telescope, although the lions were mostly playing under the balcony and we really could not have got any closer.

Kaide looking through the telescope at the Lions at Africa Alive

The park is linked by a network of wide open pathways, ideal for a pram and lots of space for the kids to run around.

Morrisons walking along the wide footpaths at Africa Alive

Africa Alive has a stamp collection trail that children can collect stamps as they go round the park, and at the end of the day receive a medal, Kaide had great fun stamping himself, until Lochlan pointed out he had to stamp a Trail Card!

Kaide getting a stamp on his hand at Africa Alive

The park has a number of interesting additions, the Bongo drums went down well with the children, who seized the opportunity to make as much noise as possible.

Children playing bongos in a hut at Africa Alive

One of the real highlights of the park is a giant central enclosure which has Rhinos, Ostriches and Giraffes all in together, there are a number of vantage points around the park where you can see these animals roaming around with each other, Binoculars are useful here as its really big, and although the Ostriches were very close to us, the giraffes were on the other side.

Children looking at the giraffes at Africa Alive

We made our way slowly round the central enclosure to see the giraffes, Tyrus was impressed with the Lions earlier in the day, but he got really excited when the giraffe came over.

Tyrus smiling and pointing at a giraffe at Africa Alive

In the Giraffe house the children all measured themselves up to animals on a size chart across the wall.

How do you measure up chart at Africa Alive

Africa Alive is a big park, so lots of stops for the little ones, and the not so little ones.

five children sitting on a bench at Africa Alive

The park also has a massive walk through bird enclosure, with a variety of African Birds, Eowyn really likes Flamingos, and it was great to get up close to these Birds.

Eowyn standing next to the Flamingos at Africa Alive

Xene has always had a soft spot for Meerkats, they are always busy and great fun to watch.

Xene standing next to a meerkat at Africa Alive

There is a farm area with Goats and Rabbits and all the children had great fun with the baby goats, who kept nibbling their clothing and shoelaces

children in the farm area with the goats at Africa Alive

The highlight is perhaps not what you would expect, but the park has an open enclosure where you can walk among the Ring Tailed lemurs as they charge around. The Children really enjoyed this, we stayed in here for ages.

children watching the ting tailed lemurs at Africa Alive

They were even more impressed when one jumped on a sheep for a ride, Eowyn thought this was hilarious

A ring tailed lemur riding on the back of a sheep at Africa Alive

Towards the end of the day we paid a visit to the park  indoor play area, it caters for children from 6 months to 12 years and has a range of activities, there is a separate area for small children, which Tyrus was free to roam without bumping into one of the bigger children.

Tyrus in the soft play area at Africa Alive

There were loads of exciting things to explore, but the floating ball machine, completely captivated Tyrus

Xene and Tyrus plaing with the balls in the Africa Alive Play Area

As a family with six children, we had a great, but long day, and all six children enjoyed the day.


Tips for a Great Day Out at the wildlife park

  • Spend some time with the children, looking at the park website, so you do not miss animal feeds and special activities.
  • A Picnic is great if the weather is good, it can be rather challenging if not.
  • Binoculars are useful if animals happen to be at the wrong side of the enclosure.
  • Let the children choose where to go as you travel around the park.
  • Most Wildlife parks are open all year round, wrap up and go in the winter months and avoid the crowds.

Africa Alive Tips from the Kids

  •  Make sure you go to the giant play area, because its awesome (Kaide age 7)
  • Watch Out, the goat might eat your clothes (Eowyn age 4)
  • Remember to take a camera (Neva Age 10)

Useful Links

Africa Alive

Africa Alive is situated in Kessingland Suffolk, home to many African animals including Lions, Giraffes, Zebras, Meerkats, Lemurs, Rhinos and many more, the perfect day out for a large family.



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