5 games to carry while travelling with children

Top 5 games travelling with children

Everybody looks forward to a good family vacation. For many of us, the memories of traveling with our families are some of the most treasured experiences of our lives. Staying in hotels, sight-seeing, and eating at authentic restaurants made such trips pleasurable for everyone.

Naturally, many of us would like sharing such experiences with our children. As the journey can get boring for children, this list will give you at least 5 games to carry while travelling with children.

There are also lots of online games that can keep them entertained if space is lacking, one of our family favourites is Online Solitaire it keeps the children (and myself) amused for hours, its such an easy game that doesn’t take forever.

1. UNO

This is one of the most popular and fun games for children. With a total of 108 cards, this game was first developed in 1971 using the same principles as the card game, Crazy Eight. To begin, each player has a set of seven cards, with a face card placed on the ground.

The different cards contain either numbers or special cards in various colours. While the rules of the game have changed and evolved over the years, the primary objective has remained the same- the person who finishes their hand first wins.

Uno one of the 5 games to carry while travelling with children

2. Travel Scrabble

Undoubtedly one of the most beloved games on this list, Scrabble is a game for everyone. Each person gets a specific number (usually 7) coins or chips that have a letter on them. They can place these letters down on the board to form a word.

They can then draw the same number of coins so that they always have 7 before their turn. In the end, the person with the most number of points wins. While the game does have some more specific rules, it remains uncomplicated and enjoyable. Thus, we suggest buying a scrabble set with a magnetic board or even trying the new Bananagrams set for convenient use.

3. Monopoly

This classic board game is fun for the entire family. The classic version of the game primarily works based on real-estate. Each player has a certain amount of money with which they can buy different properties or areas painted on the board.

They can buy, trade, or sell their respective settlements to the other players or the bank (controlled as a separate entity by another player). The person with the most amount of property and money at the end wins. Though the rules of the game are slightly confusing and your kids may enjoy it more if they are older, it is a game that is immensely enjoyable and can last hours. Furthermore, over the years, many different versions have been released, including a Disney version. Thus, you could even team up with younger children and play it for their enjoyment.

onopoly one of the 5 games to carry while travelling with children

4. Crossword

Sometimes, it may get difficult to effectively entertain your child, especially if you are driving. Your child may have also reached an age where they are not easily amused by simple games and need something more stimulating. In such cases, a great way you can distract your child is by giving them a crossword puzzle.

While there is some debate about whether crossword puzzles improve brain function in adults, for children, these games can be a great source of information. It can help improve their vocabulary and general knowledge. Solving these puzzles with your child may also increase the bond you have with your child. If you are looking for easy access to crossword puzzle answers then, crossword 911

crosswords one of the 5 games to carry while travelling with children

5. A pack of cards

This is a must-have for any trip. Cards are a great way that you can entertain kids while traveling. You could play a wide variety of games, such as Crazy 8, Bluff, etc. You could even make up a fun memory game or match the card game, like Set. On the other hand, you could also entertain and teach your child a few easy magic tricks. Thus, it is a must-have for any trip.


In conclusion, traveling to new places and gaining new experiences can broaden your child’s knowledge and make them more culturally and socially aware.

Furthermore, it also helps with improving the bond with your child making them grow into respectable and helpful adults. Thus, we hope that this list gives you an idea of the many games you could play with your kids and ensure that the trips remain memorable and educational.

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