Tips when Planning Your Child’s First Family Vacation

As an enthusiastic vacationer, you’re probably wondering how you will take your little bundle along with you and still have a relaxing vacation. This is especially true when you are talking about the first family vacation of your child’s lifetime. It could either be a massive success or an absolute nightmare – it all depends on how prepared you are! That said, here are some things to consider when planning your child’s first family vacation!

The first thing you should do is pack a vacation survival kit to help you get through the trip. This will include things like snacks, sunscreen, and bug spray that may be lost or forgotten at home. You also want to make sure everyone has their own pillow for sleeping on vacation, so it’s not too uncomfortable! Also, it is essential to remember that children are typically more comfortable around the people they know and love. So if you don’t want your child fussing or crying for its parents all day (or night), consider a destination where everyone knows each other!

Tips when Planning Your Child's First Family Vacation

Next, think about the necessities of travel – what does your child need? A car seat? A travel crib? Packing necessities For Your Little One like diapers and wipes or bottles of formula are also a must – you could opt for buying everything when you get to your destination. Still, the risk of the stores over there not having what you need is all too real, so at least take one or two packets of each. Speaking of necessities, it is important to pack an extra set for your child just in case the ones you planned on bringing get lost! This includes their favourite toys, pyjamas, stuffed animals and other comforting things that are familiar to them.

Now that you’ve discussed necessities, it’s time to talk about what your child will be doing on vacation! First, consider activities that will keep them busy and entertained during your travels, such as games or toys they can play with in the car. Also, books (or audiobooks if they have a long flight), as well as outdoor things like walking around parks or attending a local event are also great ideas to consider. If you’re visiting somewhere hot or humid, be sure to pack plenty of water and snacks for long trips – as well as packing essentials like sunscreen!

It would also be wise to pack the kids’ suitcases yourself, or at least give them a quick scan if they’ve done it themselves just to ensure they haven’t forgotten anything. Finally, if your child is getting older, they may want to share their thoughts on the trip with you by filling out an itinerary together, so both parties know what to expect! Kids always like it when they are included in the plans and have someone to listen to their ideas, so try saying yes to some of the ideas and 

At the end of the day, your children’s fondest memories will be of their childhood vacations with you. With the proper preparation, this trip will be one to remember and cherish forever. Happy Vacationing!

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