Brain fuel: 5 Food Groups for Successful Students Going Camping

Eating right has been promoted as one of the ways of being smart in what we do. Getting brain nutritional support comes from eating the right kind of foods. That way, you will be able to perform at the highest level. This is a daily necessity for students and has been key for professionals who have always remained productive in their career. Your body needs to be fuelled to perform through your brain. That is why it is important to go for the groups of foods that are needed to boost your memory and stay healthy. Here are 5 food groups for successful students in camping…

1. Whole grains

For general wellness in your body, whole grains are highly recommended. Whole grains have complex carbs with a low glycemic index making them digest slowly and provide glucose for your brain for a long time period. That way, students can remain energized for long and do well in lengthy homework assignments and tests. This energy is important for the functioning of the human brain. Students should, therefore, make whole grains a priority in their diet to enhance and maintain their performance.2. Oily Foods – seeds, nuts and Fish

2. Oily Foods – seeds, nuts and Fish

Fish is known for omega-3 fatty oils that are good for supporting brain health and function. Sardines, trout, salmon, herring and few others among the best options to choose. These foods prevent poor memory and fatigue making students stay alert at all times. These nutrients can also be found in oily nuts and seeds such as pumpkin seeds, flaxseed and soybean. Some are known for promoting blood flow enhancing the delivery of oxygen to the brain, which is good for its function.

5 Food Groups for Successful Students Going Camping

3. Tomatoes, spinach, broccoli

This group of foods are great for the whole body since they all have nutrients that are very beneficial to you. They enhance concentration, brain health and cognition. They can easily be included in a number of meals while in college hence are important for students while in school. When used alongside other veggies, they work perfectly to boost optimum body and brain functioning.

4. Berries and other fruits.

Fruits, in general, are highly recommended for students but berries are among the best. Therefore, students should consider eating many strawberries, blueberries among others to promote mental stability. Just like in most fruits, they are packed with lots of vitamin C helpful in enhancing mental agility which is good for students who need strength to deal with their school work among other duties. They also contain healthy sugar believed to promote your ability to focus and staying alert.

5 Food Groups for Successful Students Going Camping

5. Dark chocolate

When taken in the right proportions and with moderation, dark chocolates are good energizers and can help students to focus. This is very important for learners who need to stay focused at all times to make the most out of their time while in school. Over and above that, dark chocolate when taken sparingly will help students relax. For that reason, students should look for advice on how to include dark chocolates in their diet for optimum performance in their work while in school.

Final Remarks
Your brain needs sufficient fuel for it to perform optimally. This is mainly determined by the foods you eat. Therefore, students like you are advised to make the most of these 5 food groups to remain successful while engaging in activities out there!

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9 thoughts on “Brain fuel: 5 Food Groups for Successful Students Going Camping”

  1. This is great and you’re so right about eating well for the right sort of energy. Slow release carbs, protein and fresh fruit and veg are essentials!

  2. Oo this is good news as I love all of these except of the fish! Especially happy to read that dark chocolate is good in moderation 🙂

  3. Those were a great list of food to eat. My kids loves camping and it is important for me to pack healthy food for them.

  4. This looks and sounds great. I am so much more concerned with my kids health now than I used to be. So important for me that they are eating the right food for them.


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