Key Tips for Healthy Eyes While Travelling

Stay safe while travelling by packing essential gear and taking necessary steps to protect yourself. A common element of safe travel that’s often missed is eye care. Use these key tips while travelling to protect your eyes and feel refreshed when you arrive at your destination. Shop for prescription safety glasses and other gear at Marvel Optics for hassle-free delivery before your trip.

Stay on Top of Your Prescription

When was the last time you checked your prescription? Whether you’re preparing for a road trip or a flight to an exotic destination, be sure you can see all the sights clearly. If your prescription has expired, update it before purchasing new pairs of sunglasses or safety glasses for your vacation.

Wearing the wrong prescription can cause eye strain. As you age, you may need to consider bifocals to allow you to comfortably read and view objects far away. The wrong prescription can be dangerous if you’re driving, crossing the road or performing other activities, so be sure to have it checked out before you head off on your vacation.

Check with your local eye doctor about checking your prescription. Once you schedule a new exam, check out alternative ways to order additional eyeglasses. At MarvelOptics, you can find affordable eyeglasses from leading brands at competitive rates. Take your time while shopping for the best frames to match your vacation attire.

Pack Extra Pairs

Losing a pair of glasses at a theme park, on a cruise or in the wilderness can be devastating. Be sure to pack an extra pair or two to prevent you from having to drive or explore without clear vision. Be sure to pick up a pair of prescription safety glasses to avoid accidental damage or eye injuries while participating in more adventurous vacation experiences.

Some companies charge high prices for quality glasses. Shop at an online store to enjoy affordable rates on replacement or spare pairs. Matching your eyeglasses to your outfits and keeping an extra pair shouldn’t cost a fortune. Affordable eyewear keeps your vision clear without breaking the bank. Shop around for quality brands that offer the protection you need at an affordable cost.

If you find a pair you absolutely love, grab a second pair of identical glasses. Two identical pairs gives you the replacements you need without worrying about them feeling comfortable or matching your outfit.

Remember Sunglasses

Sunglasses that protect against UV rays are a great option for your next trip. If you’re looking forward to a sunny vacation in the middle of winter or taking a long hiking trip over summer break, sunglasses prevent UV damage to your eyes.

Wearing sunglasses outside not only protects your eyes from harmful UV rays, but they can also help you see better. A glaring sun may make for a good tan, but it’s going to make it difficult to soak in all the sights of your trip. Look for stylish sunglasses, safety sunglasses or prescription sunglasses to personalise your eye protection.

Not all sunglasses are designed the same. Some simply offer a tinted lens, but don’t provide the necessary UV protection. Always look for fully UV protective, scratch-resistant and anti-fog lenses to enjoy the highest quality in eyewear.

Use Eye Drops

Travelling can cause your eyes to dry out. When you travel, you may be changing your daily schedule, staying awake longer, or being exposed to unusual conditions. Airplanes, new climates and other factors can irritate your eyes before you adjust.

If you’re already dealing with allergies or jet lag, dry eyes can make your symptoms even more uncomfortable. Look for highly rated eye drops and apply them as needed to keep you eyes lubricated. Be sure to select a type of drops that are designed for your eyeglasses or contacts and follow the included instructions to maintain a healthy eye care routine.

Give Your Eyes a Break From Contacts

The latest contacts are designed to give your eyes the most oxygen possible, but even the best contacts can still dry out your eyes. Wearing contacts also causes you to be more sensitive to changes in climate, humidity and other factors. For long road trips or flights, it’s best to swap over to a pair of eyeglasses.

Another uncomfortable feature of wearing contacts while travelling is taking them out. You probably have a routine and a clean, comfortable space to remove your contacts at home, but on a trip you may have to take them out in an airplane bathroom or other public facility. This can be uncomfortable and lead to contact contamination.

Reduce Screen Time To Prevent Eye Strain

Vacation can leave you with a lot of free time. Whether you’re waiting for public transportation, relaxing on the airplane or waiting in the airport, you may be spending your free time on your laptop, cell phone or other device.

Screen time is a common cause of eye strain, at home and on vacation. Follow the 20-20-20 rule to reduce the risk of eye strain while catching up on the latest news or sending a few work emails. This rule states that spending 20 seconds looking at something 20 feet away every 20 minutes can help your eyes relax. Screens don’t always encourage us to blink as much as necessary, so this rule also gives you a chance to blink and lubricate your eyes.

Combine eye drops and this rule to keep your eyes lubricated and ready for any adventure. There’s nothing worse than dry, scratchy eyes when you’re trying to drive or take in the sights, so prepare for any adventure with these basic eye care tips.

Pick Up a Pair of Prescription Glasses Today

Whether you’re picking an extra pair or shopping for prescription safety glasses, shop at MarvelOptics today to find the best brands and competitive prices. Shop for eyeglasses and sort based on popularity, frame shape or colour to find the best pairs to complement your vacation wardrobe. Look for sunglasses, safety glasses or prescription eyewear to keep your eyes protected on your next vacation or important work trip.

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