Getting The Kids Out and About !

Its really not very long until the School Summer Holidays, I am one of those mums that can’t wait until the holidays, although I know some parents dread it!

I am looking forward to the lie ins and the gentle getting up and out of bed, instead of our usual mad crazy, dash out the door, but what I am aware of is the risk that the children will spend huge chunks of their days on ICT, so I am going to try and ensure they get out and about, by thinking up different activities that involve some exercise (but it will be our little secret!)

Beach Days

We are very lucky that we only live a few minutes from a wonderful beach, but like everything life gets in the way and we probably spend less time at the beach per year than most people cram into a week whilst on holiday here, so ensuring we go more often will mean the children can run off steam, get some lovely sea air, build sandcastles, paddle in the sea, but more importantly, ensure my house doesn’t get entirely trashed this year!

Getting The Kids Out and About to the beach

Play Park and Skate Park

We have lots of Playgrounds near us, and the younger children adore them, many of the ones we go to, also have a Skate Park, so the teens tend to go on their, either on their Skateboards or their scooters, so far they haven’t had any major accidents, but I always ensue they wear protective equipment, Kaide has a rather funky Boba Fett Helmet from Skate Hut, I don’t really like the idea of spending half the holidays in our local A&E department!

Getting The Kids Out and About to the skatepark

Garden Play

With so many children, a large garden is essential, if you do not have access to a beach, then having things to keep them occupied in the garden means they are not in the house on games consoles or watching TV, but getting fresh air and hopefully some exercise. If the weather is warm (which i’m hoping it will be in July/August) then a swimming pool will keep them cool, and its a great place for you to cool off too! Garden Games such as croquet or badminton are great fun and can involve different members of the family.

Getting The Kids Out and About in the garden

Forest School

Don’t panic, I don’t mean fork out lots of money for your children to go along to a club to be taught how to do forest-y stuff! I mean take a trip to your local woods and let the children have fun, just being out in the open, climbing trees, searching for bugs, rolling down a hill, pretending to be Tarzan! You get the idea.

Getting The Kids Out and About to the woods or forest

None of these ideas cost any money, apart from a picnic, if you are planning an entire day out, (with teenagers that can be pretty expensive!) But it’s a change of scenery from your four walls and it may tire out a few of the children, so you don’t get into that dreadful cycle of the children sleeping in, which means they get later to bed every night, and by the end of the holidays you find the teens are actually going to bed after you! (Tell me i’m not the only one!)



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