FREE Sculpture Trails To Explore Near You

Looking for something fun to do with the family that doesn’t cost a fortune, have you considered a sculpture trail?

Throughout the UK lots of cities partner with charities to place a number of sculptures throughout the city and surrounding area, with a map to locate them all.

You can find all the information below for the ones that have been announced for 2022, but there will be plenty more, so don’t forget to keep checking back to find sculpture trails near you.

If you are looking for a fun, free day out for the family, to get you outside in the fresh air, check out these Sculpture Trails coming to somewhere near you.

Sculpture Trails 2022

A Dog’s Trail

Photo Credit : A Dogs Trail

Location: Cardiff

To celebrate Dogs Trust’s new rehoming centre coming to Cardiff, A Dog’s Trail is a spectacular, free public art trail pawing its way across the city in Spring 2022, consisting of 50 Snoopy sculptures across Cardiff. A Dog’s tRail is also expanding into other parts of the region with mini trails taking place in Caerphilly and Porthcawl, with a minimum of 6 Snoopy’s each, who knows maybe they’ll add even more places to the trail.

The trail will run from 8th April – 5th June 2022


Elmer’s Big Belfast Trail

Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Elmer and his friends will be marching onto the streets of Belfast to form the first-ever public art trail in the City over Summer 2022.

The trail will run in Summer 2022 (exact dates tbc)


Follow That Duck

Photo Credit : Follow That Duck

Location: Hasting and Rother

In the summer of 2022 the beaches, gardens and streets of St Leonards, Hastings and Bexhill on Sea will be brought to life by a flock of fabulous Rubber Duck sculptures. The ducks will create a free, fun, family friendly live art trail enticing locals and visitors into the beautiful local area.

The trail will run in Summer 2022 (exact dates TBC)


Giraffe About Town

Photo Credit : Giraffe About Town

Location: Edinburgh

Get ready to look up! Edinburgh Zoo is working with creative producers Wild in Art to present Giraffe About Town – a large-scale public art event in Edinburgh in the summer of 2022.

The trail will run in Summer 2022 (exact dates tbc)


GoGoDiscover 2022

Location : Norwich and Norfolk

In summer 2022 look out for a 10 week adventure full of colossal creatures and family-friendly exploration taking place all across Norfolk.

Terrific T.rex sculptures will take to the streets of Norwich alongside a new colossal Steppe Mammoth sculpture – the biggest trail sculpture to ever stomp the streets of the region. The Steppe Mammoths will be found across Norfolk to celebrate the Deep History Coast and Norfolk being the site of the discovery of the largest and oldest mammoth ever found in Britain.

If that isn’t enough, GoGoDiscover will also see mini ‘Breaksaurus’ T.rex on their own trail as part of the Learning and Community Programme.

The trail will run from 27th June – 10th September 2022

Hares of Hampshire

Photo Credit : Hares of Hampshire

Location: Winchester

Winchester parks,streets and public spaces will be brought to life with an exhibition of 30 stunning hares plus some smaller leverets that will be designed by schools and local community groups.

The trail will run from 16 June – 4 September 2022


The Big Burton Carousel

Photo Credit : The Big Burton Carousel

Location : Burton Upon Trent

30 sculptures of galloping horses, like the ones from funfair carousels, will make up a free, interactive sculpture trail for everyone to explore and enjoy around Burton upon Trent.

The trail will run in Summer 2022 (exact dates tbc)

The Big Hoot Ipswich

Photo Credit : The Big Hoot Ipswich

Location: Ipswich

Celebrating “all things Suffolk” 40 Big Hoot Owls will be on display in the town’s centre, waterfront and Christchurch Park. Visitors will also be able to meet Little Hoot Owls, who will be popping up in special locations all across town and designed by local schools and groups.

The trail will run from June to September 2022 (exact dates tbc)


The Big Splash

Photo Credit : The Big Splash

Location: Isle of Man

Discover the large individually designed Dolphin Sculptures located around the stunning Isle of Man coastline for everyone to enjoy.

The trail will run from May – September 2022 (exact dates TBC)


The Owl and the Pussy-Cat Trail

Location : Knowsley

Most people are very familiar with The Owl & the Pussy-Cat poem that tells the tale of two animals setting off to sea in a ‘beautiful pea green boat.’ But what many people do not know is that the poem, by Edward Lear, was actually written at Knowsley Hall.

This fascinating fact and Lear’s connections to Knowsley are set to be celebrated throughout 2022 with a huge sculpture trail featuring 16 pairs of 2 metre-high owls and pussy-cats.

The Trail will run during Summer 2022 (exact dates tbc)

Herd Of Hope

Photo Credit : The Gingerbread House

Location : Spitalfields Market London

Walk amongst the 21 life-sized bronze elephants and get to know the real-life orphans that have inspired this installation. There are 20 orphan elephants in total, each featuring the name of the elephant they symbolise along with a scannable QR code allowing you to watch their rescue videos and directly support their rehabilitation journey.

Check out all the information about the Herd Of Hope Trail

The trail is permanently in Spitalfields Market after relocating from Marble Arch for you to enjoy.


Snowdogs Support Life, Kirklees 2022

Location : Kirklees

For eight weeks in Autumn 2022, towns and villages across Kirklees will brought to life by a pack of dazzlingly decorated Snowdog sculptures, creating a spectacular event for everyone to enjoy.

Thirty uniquely designed Snowdogs, along with thirty mini sculptures, will be on display around Kirklees for visitors to discover and enjoy as part of a world class public arts event never seen before in West Yorkshire.

The trail will run throughout Autumn 2022 (exact dates TBC)

Winter Sculpture Trails 2021/ January 2022

Walking with the Snowman, Bromley 2021

Location : Bromley Town Centre

This new and enchanting family-friendly walkable trail features 12 incredible sculptures in a tribute to Raymond Briggs’ magical classic, The Snowman™. Each Snowman has been individually decorated by a professional artist, inspired by the theme of the 12 Days of Christmas.

The trail will run from 17th November 2021 – 6th January 2022

The Snowman and the Snowdog, Swadlincote 2021

Location : Swadlincote Town Centre

Take a wintry walk around The Snowman™ and The Snowdog Swadlincote and enjoy a festive sculpture trail inspired by the animated sequel to Raymond Briggs’ timeless picture book The Snowman™.
In the heart-warming story, a young boy builds a snowman and creates a snowdog with the remaining snow. At midnight both of his creations magically come to life.

The trail will run from 20th November 2021 – 16th January 2022

Walking with the Snowman, Birmingham 2021

Location : Birmingham City Centre

This new and enchanting family-friendly walkable trail features 12 incredible sculptures in a tribute to Raymond Briggs’ magical classic, The Snowman™. Each Snowman has been individually decorated by a professional artist, inspired by the theme of the 12 Days of Christmas.

The trail will run from 17th November until 6th January, 2022

Previous Sculpture Trails That took Place in 2021

Art Around Town

Photo Credit : Whats On West Suffolk.

Location : Bury St Edmunds The trail ran from 1st July – 30th September 2021

West Suffolk Council gave 300 local artists a 10-inch pizza box and invited them to transform it in their own style to demonstrate what they think makes the town tick.

The varied creations include installations in some unexpected locations, such as the aviaries in the Abbey Gardens. You can pick up a guide at the Apex or visit the @artaroundtownbury Instagram page.

Bears of Sheffield

Photo Credit: Bears of Sheffield

Location : Sheffield The trail ran from 12th July to 29th September

During the trail you will meet 100 little bears decorated by talented children and young people of all ages from schools across the region. Plus 60 big bear sculptures brought to life by professional local and international artists.

The bears will be placed, here, bear and everywhere across the city of Sheffield for you to find. There will be a useful trail map or use your app! #BearsofSheffield

Big Trunk Trail

Photo Credit : Big Family Big Fun

Location: Luton The trail ran from 10 July – 8 October 2021

Explore Luton and try to track down 30 Giant Elephants, you will find them along the free, fun and family-friendly art trail around Luton’s key landmarks, streets and open spaces #BigTrunkTrail

Peterborough Reads BookBench Trail

Photo Credit : Peterborough Reads

Location : Peterborough The trail ran from 28th June – 6th September 2021

A new trail of BookBench sculptures, designed and painted by Peterborough school children and artists, have been installed across the city to bring literacy to life for local families. Can you find the 17 Book bench Sculptures across the city #PeterboroughReads #BookBench

Cows about Cambridge

Photo Credit : Cows About Cambridge

Location: Cambridge, UK The trail ran from 28 June – 4 September 2021

There will be 90 Cow sculptures all uniquely decorated by artists for you to discover in Cambridge’s streets, parks and open spaces.

To locate the cows you can download the Cows About Cambridge app, pick up a Cows about Cambridge Map from hubs around the city.#cowsaboutcambridge

Derby Ram Trail

Photo Credit : Derby Ram Trail

Location: Derby UK. The Trail ran from 27 May – 22 August 2021.

The Derby Ram Trail has 30 large fibreglass sculptures in the shape of Derby’s mythical Ram. Grab your Derby Ram Trail Map and get searching.

If you missed any of the rams on your trail Come and see the rams together for one last time as they ram’pede to the RamUnion Weekend (3-5 Sept) and Auction (9 Sept)

The Derby Ram Trail app is still available to download and can be used at The RamUnion Weekend to unlock all of the rams.

Elmer’s Big Heart of Kent Parade

Photo Credit : Life and The Lords

Location: Maidstone, UK The Trail ran from19 June – 22 August 2021 .

Can you discover all 51 bold and eye-catching large Elmers. The Parade also includes Elmer’s Learning Herd which is made up of 30 small Elmer sculptures.

Eye Art Trail

Photo Credit : The Blossom Charity

Location : Eye, Suffolk. The trail ran from 8th July and 10th September 2021

The art sculpture trail in Eye, Suffolk, features 26 large, beautifully decorated, tortoises and hares and 16 minis. Visitors can walk with purpose to see the drove of hares and creep of tortoises in locations on a route around the town.#EyeSculptureTrail


Photo Credit : Iceni magazine

Location: Norwich, UK. The trail ran from 12th July – 11th September 2021

Norwich has gone Dino crazy this summer, with Dino bricks, Dippy The Dinosaur and 21 T.rex sculptures dotted throughout the city. Unlike other trails GoGoDiscover will return in summer 2022 for the second half of a two year trail of prehistoric proportions, with even more T. rex appearing in Norwich alongside Steppe Mammoth sculptures across Norfolk to celebrate the Deep History Coast and Norfolk being home to the discovery of the largest and oldest mammoth ever found in Britain.

Check out all the information over on Iceni Magazine Gogo Discover Post #GoGoDiscover


Photo Credit : Gratitude

Location: Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh and London. The trail ran from Birmingham (20-30 August), Manchester (3-12 September), Edinburgh (17-26 September) and London (1-10 October)

Gratitude is a sculpture trail which honours and pays tribute to the ongoing courage and dedication of NHS Staff and all key workers during the pandemic. There are 51 statues in total, which will feature in Birmingham then move onto, Manchester, then to Edinburgh and finally in London. #ThisIsGratitude

Hampshire Hogs

Photo Credit : Hampshire Hogs

Location : Basingstoke. The trail ran from 10th August – Mid October 2021

17 Hog sculptures, beautifully designed and painted by local artists, inspired by Hampshire’s people, places and heritage, will be displayed in and around Basingstoke for all to discover by chance, or with the special app. #HantsHogs

Hares About Town

Photo Credit : Hares About Town

Location: Southend on Sea, UK. The trail ran from 1 July – 12 September 2021

The 30 giant Hares can be found on an art trail in many of the popular locations around Southend seafront and the high street as well as encouraging people into Southend’s more hidden gems of local history and culture, so grab your Hares About Town Map and get searching! #HaresAboutTown

Kingfisher Trail

Photo Credit : Kingfisher Trail

Location : Cotswolds UK. The trail ran from 30th May – 1st October 2021

Residents and visitors are invited to follow the Kingfisher trail in the summer of 2021, get out into nature and enjoy the outstanding natural beauty of the Cotswolds region.

There are two trails with 22 Kingfisher sculptures! In the west, the Severn Trail will follow the tributaries of the River Severn and the Cotswold Way along the dramatic escarpment. #KingfisherTrail

Lincoln IMP Trail

Photo Credit : Becca White Productions

Location: Lincoln, UK. The trail ran from 3 July – 12 September 2021

The Lincoln IMP Trail has 30 Imp sculptures for you to find, creating a fun, family-friendly art trail. They will be joined by up to 60 half-sized Imps. The sculpture is inspired by the stone imp figure located in Lincoln Cathedral, which has become a symbol of the city, grab a Lincoln Imp Trail Map and discover those imps! #IMPTrail

Light the North

Photo Credit : Light The North

Location: North-east of Scotland, Moray, Orkney and Shetland. The trail ran from 9 August – 17 October 2021

Each stunning lighthouse stands at 2.5m tall, you can discover the 45 lighthouse sculptures across the north-east of Scotland, including Moray, Orkney and Shetland. #LightTheNorth

Moor Otters

Photo Credit : The Gingerbread House

Location : Dartmoor. The trail ran from 28th May to 19th September 2021

81 decorated Otter with Cub sculptures have been released onto Dartmoor to create four arts trails, standing tall on plinths waiting to be spotted.

Check out Moors Otter Trail Review #MoorOtters

North Notts Journeys

Location: North Nottinghamshire, UK. The trail ran from 17th June – 5th September 2021

Discover 40 BookBench sculptures across North Nottinghamshire. The Benches are displayed in libraries, museums, galleries and other cultural venues to form an art trail for local families, residents and visitors to enjoy. #NorthNottsJourney

Octopus Ahoy

Photo Credit : Octopus Ahoy

Location : Clacton, Essex. The trail ran from 25th June – 5th September 2021

Locate the 30 four feet Octopus Ahoy sculptures forming a public art trail across Harwich, Tendring and the wider Essex area, download the Octopus Ahoy App and find those sea creatures, avoiding the tentacles. On your travels look out for the smaller two feet tall octopus which have been designed by the local education program. #OctopusAhoy

Rocket Round Leicester

Sculpture Trail - Rocket Round Leicester
Photo Credit : Rocket Round Leicester

Location: Leicester. The trail ran from 19 July – 26 September 2021

There will be an art trail of 40 giant, decorated Rockets which will be touching down across Leicester throughout the summer.

The trail will steer a voyage of discovery through the city’s streets and open spaces and helping locals and visitors to discover something new about the area. And don’t forget to check out the Junior Jets designed by schools and community groups. #RocketRoundLeicester

Stockport Frogs

Photo Credit : Stockport Frogs

Location : Stockport. The trail ran from 24th July to 26th September 2021

Stockport’s Gigantic Leap Frog Art Trail will see 21 gigantic frogs and froglets hopping into the town centre, but this time the frogs have been joined by 17 One Stockport froggy friends leaping out across the borough! #StockportFrogs

The Big Hare Trail

Photo Credit : The Big Hare Trail

Location: North Berwick. The trail ran from 5 July – 18 September 2021

The Big Hare Trail is a spectacular public art event that sees 10 giant Hares hopping their way across North Berwick #Haretostay #TheBigHareTrail

The Tusk Lion Trail 2021


Location : London, Bristol, Edinburgh – UK | The Hamptons – USA
Wellington – New Zealand | Nairobi – Kenya | Sydney – Australia. The trail ran from 10 August – 24 September 2021

A global celebration of African lions and the people who live alongside them through exceptional art.

47 life-sized lion sculptures, designed and made by some of the planet’s foremost artists, musicians and sportspeople, are roaming streets around the world to highlight the threats currently faced by ‘the King of Beasts’, and to raise vital funds to support community conservation and livelihoods impacted by Covid-19 across Africa. #TuskLionTrail #TheLionsAreComing

Worcester’s Big Parade

Photo Credit : Worcester’s Big Parade

Location: Worcester. The trail ran from 12 July – 5 September 2021

A parade of 30 colourful elephants will be placed around Worcester, accompanied by elephant calf sculptures, decorated by local schools and community groups #WorcsBigParade

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