Here’s How To Plan A Fun 5 Night 6 Day Family Trip To Thailand

A Family Trip To Thailand, a country blessed with exquisite beauty and bestowed with grace and elegance. Its greenery, water, mountains, islands, everything has a unique spell of beauty cast upon it. Travelling with family to such a fabulous destination can be fun and adventurous. The place is perfect to bond with your family and enjoys a fun vacation.

With so much to cover in this amazing destination, planning your every day is important to enjoy the place to the fullest. It is the land of smiles and blissful happiness, and here is how you can plan an amazing 5 night and 6 Day family trip to cherish this fabulous destination.

Day 1

You can start the adventure in Bangkok. It is a well-connected airport to various destinations around the world and is quite accessible. You can also explore cheap airfares during certain times of the year. Bangkok is a place of rich food, culture, and activities. After soaking in the beautiful streets and people of Bangkok, the first place to head to with your family is Siam Ocean World and Safari World.

The place offers a chance to explore the wildlife, which is a magnificent view. You can watch and play with birds and animals throughout the day. It will be a fun activity for both kids and adults. The long walks and beautiful display of wildlife is a worthy start to an amazing vacation here.

How To Plan A Fun 5 Night 6 Day Family Trip To Thailand
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The grand palace is the right place to watch the sunset. The ethereal glimpse of the crimson embracing the forts and the architecture of the place is marvellous. Located on the banks of River Chao Phraya, the palace has luxurious gardens and courtyards to enjoy your evening. You can enjoy a delicious dinner in the Chao Phraya dinner cruise before going to bed.

Day 2

Krabi Islands is the destination for the day where you can soak in the gorgeous sun. You can reach here by bus, ferry, or take a short flight from Bangkok. The beach is a popular tourist destination and is full of adventure that one has to experience. The 4-island Krabi tour is a must here that which brims with surprises and exciting adventure.

You can enjoy amazing water sports such as snorkelling here. You get to witness the magic of the underwater world with its stunning beauty. The lush greenery that surrounds throughout the tour and the enthralling view of the beach and its lustrous sand will be an amazing way to spend the day

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You can enjoy lovely local cuisine at the restaurants situated close to the beach. The seafood delicacies of the place are a must, given the unique choice of spices and flavours. The beaches are extravagant and serene, and you can enjoy a wonderful time here as the sun sets.

Day 3

Phi Phi Island is a land of mesmeric beauty, with its rich greenery. It is a picturesque destination, and you can hardly place your cameras down. You can enjoy some adventurous water sports such as snorkelling here too. The island also has many delicious lunch options that you can enjoy. The best part is there is a huge range of choices for vegetarians too.

The island has humongous caves and rocky mountains that you can enjoy to the fullest.

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From here, you can transfer to Phuket to spend the evening. Phuket is the charm of Thailand that invariably personifies the entire beauty of the country in one place. It has an incredible nightlife that tourists often rush here to soak in.

The place brims with bright and colourful markets, restaurants, local street food vendors, street shows, and the lovely people of Thailand. Don’t forget to equip your car with a universal roof rack to carry all the wonderful clothes, arts and crafts, and showpieces you can shop from here.

Day 4

Phuket has a lot to offer when lit in bright sunlight too. Like the nightlife, enjoying a day in the place is also filled with colours and fun. Start your day with a sense of peace and serene. Witness The Giant Buddha visible from the southernmost part of Phuket. It sits on top of the Nakkerd Hills and looks down at Rawai, Kata, and Chalong.

The majestic status shines brightly in the location, and the architecture is simply mesmerizing. The drive to this place is also amazing with the scenic beauty of the path. Wat Chalong is yet another important temple visited by thousands of tourists all around the year.

The glorious reflection from the skilfully crafted glass pieces and the local country fair that surrounds that place with the aroma of Thai Cuisine is a unique experience to enjoy. Phuket is, in fact, the spiritual centre of the country, and you can witness the reflection of the country’s religion and culture here.


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On your second night in Phuket do not forget to watch the Fantasea Show full of fun. Performed by professionals, you can enjoy a Las Vegas-style show by trapeze artists, pyrotechnics. They combine various art forms into a thin plotline and will entertain away your evening with extravagance and amusement.

Day 5

You cannot complete your vacation in Thailand unless you get the chance to take an exciting tour to James Bond Island. The ride is mesmerizing with scenic beauty throughout the way to accompany. You can enjoy lots of bamboo trees and witness the exotic islands you enjoyed in James Bond Movies in reality here.

Maybe snap some great family pictures in this place throughout the tour. Why not enjoy a calm afternoon on the seashore with your family. From here head to the Muslim village located on the seashore to enjoy some spicy, flavourful dishes authentic to this destination. The entire ride is rejuvenating and refreshing to the mind and body.

How To Plan A Fun 5 Night 6 Day Family Trip To Thailand
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After an energizing day at the James Bond island, you can set on your journey to Pattaya. You can take a flight to this destination from Phuket, although ferry and bus services are also available but take more than 12 hours. Try to catch a glimpse of the Alcazar Cabaret show that will leave you awestruck.

Day 6

Pattaya gleams with luxury and is the entertainment capital of the east. You can either enjoy the local areas around this place or pack up to witness some coral reefs. Coral Island is accessible through a gorgeous glass-bottom boat. You can cherish the underwater coral colours from your boat.

You can choose a rather exciting way to spend the day with deep sea diving. It is one of a kind experience that will take you closer to the coral reefs and underwater marine life. This will be a satisfying and therapeutic experience for you before you bid goodbye to Thailand. Bangkok is just a drive away from Pattaya and will be the right place to fly home from.



Apart from these popular destinations that you should try during your visit, you can also sneak in some time to check Nong-Nooch Village, Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Erawan National Park, Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, Rock climbing and other adventure sports and a few more wonderful places. These destinations will leave you with an everlasting love for Thailand and its ethereal beauty.

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