Ensuring Everyone Sleeps in a Busy Household

Ensuring everyone sleeps cannot be overlooked. The importance of good sleep cannot be overstated and this is true for people of all ages. Many people find it difficult to sleep in busy households and/or noisy neigh-bourhoods and this could be having a significant impact on yours and your family’s wellbeing. With this in mind, here are a few tips which should help everyone to get the sleep that they need.

Create a Routine For Ensuring Everyone Sleeps

First, it is important that the whole family has a routine in terms of going to bed so that the body knows when it is time to sleep. If you have kids of different ages then staggered bedtimes are important as kids will get tired at different times. This also means that the youngest in the family should have a bedroom in an area that is quiet and away from the living room.

ensuring everyone sleeps

Be Ready for Bed

Leading on from this, everyone should be tired and ready to sleep by the time that they go to bed. This means that everyone should be avoiding screens an hour before bedtime and you may also want to try relaxation techniques like meditation or deep breathing exercises before bed. You will also find that you get much better sleep if you are exercising on a regular basis, eating a healthy diet and avoiding too much caffeine and alcohol.

Blackout Blinds

If light is a problem in the bedroom then blackout blinds are a smart investment as these can create a completely pitch black room which should help to promote good sleep. Light can interfere with sleep and make it hard to fall and stay asleep but this can be a highly effective fix.


Insulation can be effective at stopping noise from coming through to the bedroom, especially if you have thin walls and flooring. Carpets/rugs can be effective but you should also look to seal up windows which can stop noise as well as keep the cold out.

ensuring everyone sleeps

Distract Your Ears

There are a few ways that you can distract your ears which are helpful if noise is a problem when trying to sleep. Earplugs can be highly effective or you could listen to a guided meditation or white noise on headphones. If you do not want to sleep with earplugs or headphones in then a white noise machine could be a good solution.

Everyone in the family needs to be able to get a good night’s sleep (although the length varies depending on age). This can be challenging in a noisy household and/or neighbourhood but hopefully the above advice will help you and the kids to improve sleep quality. This can have an amazing impact on many areas of your life and help everyone to be happier, more energetic and healthier.

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