5 Simple Tips For Cheaper Flights

With airlines reducing the number of flights they offer to save on fuel prices, the chances of even getting a seat on a flight have gone down, never mind getting the great deal. So it’s a good idea to book as soon as possible.

5 Simple Tips For Cheaper Flights

Check The Cheapest Days For Flying

Flying on a Tuesday or Wednesday will save you a few extra bucks as those are the flights that are usually hardest for the airlines to book. Also pay attention to the rules, as many airlines are now charging more if you don’t stay over a Saturday night at your destination.

5 Simple Tips For Cheaper Flights

Consider Multi-Airline Flights

Often aggregator sites like Kayak.com can dig up combinations of flights that have you flying out on one airline and returning on another. Don’t overlook this option because while you don’t earn all your mileage points on one airline, it can often save you quite a bit.

Consider Booking Your Own Layover

Is your trip flexible? Consider booking two round-trips through a connector city.

For instance, New York City to Rome can be an expensive flight. But if you book a sale flight to London and then use any of a number of smaller discount European airlines to fly from there to Rome, the savings can more than cover the one night hotel in London and still leave money in your wallet.

5 Simple Tips For Cheaper Flights

Pack Just a Carry-On

With most airlines now charging extra for even the first checked bag, the easiest way to save some cash is simply not bring anything that won’t fit into an onboard carry-on suitcase. This doesn’t mean overstuffing it, though.

Ask yourself if you really need four pairs of shoes or all those hair appliances. Bring clothes that can mix and match and nobody will know you wore the same black pants two nights in a row. Travelling with a friend the same size as you? Use it as an excuse to wear some of their cool clothes and you’ve just doubled your trip wardrobe.

For a large family, wait and buy your toiletries when you get there and pare that down – one bottle of shampoo and conditioner can be had for less than the cost of checking a bag and will last a family for more than a week.

5 Simple Tips For Cheaper Flights

Bring Your Own Drink and Snacks

Why pay for tiny bags of pretzels and bottles of water on board? Bring your own plastic sandwich bags filled with snack foods or pieces of fruit. Eat before you get to the airport or make a sandwich (minus any liquid condiments like mayonnaise) at home.

Bring an empty bottle and once you get past security, fill it at a water fountain for free. Can’t stand the taste of tap water? Those individual sticks of powdered drink mixes are great for making any water taste better, and many are available in sugar-free versions.

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