3 Camping Essentials To Always Take With You

The great outdoors can be exciting when you’re well-packed. Indeed, many Brits love camping and have it as a pastime with family and friends. As proof, UK residents took over 13 million holiday trips in 2019 for camping only. However, it can be quite a nightmare if you don’t plan adequately for it. Besides the first aid kit, water, dry packaged foods, and hiking boot requirements, what other essentials do you need on your camping checklist? Here are a few you’ll find helpful.

Torchlights and headlamps

Whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced camper, portable lights are an essential item you can’t go without. Although a campfire looks warm and inviting, its illumination can only go so far; that’s why battery-powered torch lights, headlamps, and lanterns are an absolute must-have to enhance visibility in the dark. It helps to have extra batteries in your backpack if the ones already inserted lose their power. Most campers prefer headlamps due to the hands-free functionality they offer.

It’s advisable not to take along rechargeable lamps as they may prove useless in the absence of electricity in the wild. Although some are designed to recharge using your car’s battery, seasoned campers advise against this as they can quickly drain your car battery. It’s best to stick with portable battery-powered lamps because they’re reliable and convenient.


There are different types of binoculars used for various situations, and they serve as your extended eyes for objects that are far away. They come in handy for several activities. For example, if you’re a nature lover interested in birds, you’ll find binoculars for bird watching most appropriate. Fortunately, some types are easy to use for persons who wear medicated eyeglasses.

Binoculars are handheld and not heavy, depending on the model you choose. Therefore, since you know you’re purchasing them specifically for camping, a lightweight model will work just fine without becoming a bulky inconvenience while making your birdwatching more enjoyable. 

Map and Compass

Have you ever lost your way in a foreign place and had no way to trace your route back? The great outdoors is vast and covered with lots of foliage, making it almost impossible to identify landmarks. Even for seasoned campers, finding their way in the outdoors can be quite a mission to complete without a map and a compass. These two are campers’ directional tools to aid movement and route identification. 

Fortunately, some smartphones are equipped with maps and compasses to make your navigation easier. However, it would help if you didn’t rely solely on your phone because when your battery power runs out, so does your map. Therefore, your best bet is the handheld non-electronic traditional compass and a foldable laminated map for easy navigation and a splendid camping experience.

The difference between a positive camping experience and a negative one largely depends on your camping essentials. Always plan what you intend to do while in the great outdoors to provide insight into what should make it onto your essential checklist.

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