Top 10 Healthiest Countries for Families to Relocate

Deciding to move your family to a different country is a huge step and not one to be taken lightly. From learning a foreign language to environmental quality, there are a number of factors to take into account when you first start looking at a potential country to call home and raise your family.

Despite the obvious factors such as career and distance from loved ones back home, what else should be on your agenda to ensure you and your family will be living healthily when considering living or working abroad?

Compare the Market wanted to discover which socio-economic factors had the most positive correlation with high life expectancies for nations across the world and have conducted their Key to a Long Life study to reveal the best places for expats to move to.

Medical Care Should be a Priority for Your Family, In Any Country

It’s not surprising that the study reveals health should be at the top of the list when researching potential countries to start anew.

Nutrition and basic medical care proved to be the number one factor to living a long life as it has an impressive +89.53% positive correlation to higher life expectancies across global nations. Basic medical care is vital to ensuring individuals live as long as they possibly can and we would all like our children to grow up healthy. As a potential expat, ensuring that you research the national medical services, health insurance policies and local hospitals should be undertaken as one of the first steps of your journey to living abroad.

Children Should Grow Up in Countries With Clean Environments

It’s also not too much of a surprise to reveal that those who live in countries with cleaner environments live longer, but just how much of an impact does the environmental quality of a country really have on life expectancies around the world?

When comparing the top 15 cleanest countries to the bottom 15, such as Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Uzbekistan and Cameroon, the study found that the difference in average life expectancies was 19.65 years. This means that countries with cleaner environments live for almost two decades longer than those with unclean ones. Countries who rank highly for clean environments include Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, and the UK.

Top 10 Best Countries For Relocating Families

The following list reveals the countries who rank highly for nutrition and medical care; the highest ranking factor for life longevity for all countries.

European nations take the crown as the best continent for nutrition and medical care with nine out of the top 10 countries in the list located here. Families looking to head to Europe are spoilt for choice as these high ranking countries offer not only some of the best medical care and quality environments in the world but also cities buzzing with history, iconic landmarks and culture.


Rank Country Score (Out of 100)
1 Finland 99.65
2 Iceland 99.54
3 Austria 99.53
4 Cyprus 99.51
5 Italy 99.5
=6 Sweden 99.46
=6 Estonia 99.46
8 Australia 99.43
9 Switzerland 99.42
10 Slovenia 99.41


From world-class medical care to access to the internet, it seems there really are a number of factors to consider when making the jump to another country. To view the results of the Key to a Long Life study in full, please visit Compare the Market.

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