Things To Do in Austin With Teenagers

Things To Do in Austin with Teenagers – Austin, Texas is certainly one of the most fun and bustling cities in the United States that you can visit with your teenager and do so many fun things.

That being said it also has a great variety of cool and strange attractions, the best places to visit, great food, free shows and special events that are so much fun and can make your vacation that much more unique.

Here are some of the best things I think will be a delight for you and your older kids to visit and do.

Top Things To Do in Austin With Teenagers

things to do in Austin with teenagers

See The Bats – An Attraction For The Whole Family

From spring to late fall, one of the most unique things to do in Austin is to see the bats fly out from under the Congress Avenue Bridge. Each night at dusk, the bats leave the cover of the bridge for their nocturnal feeding. The site is a truly unique urban experience and an excellent option for anyone near the downtown Austin area.

Things To Do in Austin With Teenagers

Alamo Drafthouse Is The Perfect Place To Have A Good Time

If you and your teen enjoy going to the movies, a great idea is to go to Alamo Drafthouse. The local cinema chain features unique movie trailers, screenings of cult favorites, quote-a-longs, and much more. Best of all, though, is the full menu and bar. Eat a great meal while you enjoy the latest blockbuster! This is one of my favorite places and has to be the best cinema experience around.

Walk Town Lake Trail Is A Popular Attraction For Kids Of All Ages

Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trail is the most well-known and beloved trail in Austin. It’s a nature-inspired surrounding for walking, biking, or jogging that is mostly flat. The trail provides great views of Austin and the lake itself from the more than seven miles of trails that run through the heart of the city.

The lake was renamed for Lady Bird Johnson in 2007. She provided the leadership for the transformation of the area around the former Town Lake from an unsightly flood zone into a beloved park known as the city’s crown jewel in a city filled with many crown jewels. The lake is a reservoir on the Colorado River. The mild climate and sunny skies make it possible to jog or walk the trails year-round in Austin.

One of my favorite things and spots on the trail is where you have to cross the arched footbridge with the lake running near Lou Neff Point. It’s a great place to stop for a rest with water fountains, a glorious gazebo covered with purple flowering vines, and large step-like stones. You will marvel at the majesty of the black and white swans swimming past and observe turtles that have climbed onto low-hanging branches of trees that reach into the water.

Lou Neff Point Will Be A Delight For First Time Visitors

Lou Neff Point is also a great place to see folks navigating their canoes and kayaks and fishermen in their flat-bottom boats fishing for largemouth bass, catfish, sunfish, or common carp. Because Lady Bird Lake is a calm lake and is at a constant level, it is ideal for canoeing and kayaking. Swimming, motorized boats, and jet skis are not allowed on the lake.

A Concert At The Cactus Café Is Great For Your Teen And Their Group Of Friends

On campus at the University of Texas is a music legend – the Cactus Café. This venue has hosted tons of great acts and likely has a show while you will be in town.

Barton Springs Pool Is A Popular Destination That Teenagers Will Love

Barton Springs Pool is a great place to visit with your teens. Be sure to the hours of operation before you go, and consider going early in the day or in the evening to avoid the crowds. A good idea is to bring sunscreen, towels, and water to stay hydrated. You may also want to bring snacks or a picnic lunch in case you or your still-growing teenager gets hungry.

There’s plenty to do at Barton Springs Pool. You can enjoy the warm weather, swim in the outdoor pool, sunbathe, play volleyball, or rent a paddleboard or kayak but make sure to wear appropriate swimwear and follow all rules and regulations.

Overall, Barton Springs Pool is a fun and unique destination for teens and adults alike. With a little planning and preparation, you can have a great time enjoying the water, sunshine, and natural beauty of this Austin landmark.

Lake Travis Zipline Adventures Is A Great Spot To Have Fun And One Of The Best Tourist Attractions

Lake Travis Zipline Adventures is a popular outdoor activity in the Austin area that I know your teenager will enjoy and possibly even you.

Ziplining can be physically demanding, so make sure to assess your own and your teen’s physical abilities before booking your trip. Participants must be able to hike uphill for about half a mile and climb stairs because the tour lasts around 3 hours. The first hour is spent hiking, sometime a steep climb and practicing on shorter lines before getting to the longer and faster zip lines.

Make sure to book your tour in advance, as slots can fill up quickly, especially during peak season of the seasonal activities. Also, be sure to check the weather forecast as ziplining is weather dependent.

Zilker Botanical Garden Is Great For Young Adults

The Zilker Botanical Garden is a beautiful and peaceful oasis in the heart of Austin. The grounds of Zilker park are open daily from 9 am to 5 pm, except for a few holidays. You should always check the website for the most up-to-date information.

The Zilker Botanical Garden features a wide variety of themed gardens, including a Japanese garden, a rose garden, and a cactus and succulent garden, among others. There’s also a butterfly garden and a native Texas garden. If your teen is interested in gardening, the garden offers a variety of events and programs throughout the year, including plant sales, workshops, and classes on gardening and nature.

The Zilker Botanical Garden is a lovely destination for nature lovers and anyone looking for a peaceful retreat in the middle of the city. There is a small admission fee to enter the garden, which helps support its upkeep and maintenance. Prices vary depending on age and residency status.

Umlauf Sculpture Garden And Museum Is Great For Your High School Kid

Maybe your teen is art inclined then you will certainly enjoy a day at the Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum. Featuring over 130 drawings, sculptures, and paintings, the sculpture garden celebrates the work of Charles Umlauf, a prolific American artist who is mostly known for his sculptures. Funded by a community endowment, the sculpture garden features a more refined side to Austin’s offbeat reputation.

Plan your visit to the Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum. Take into consideration the hours of operation. Weekends and mornings are the most crowded, so plan accordingly. The museum is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Take a guided tour of the museum to maximize your enjoyment. The museum prefers that you make a reservation for your tour two weeks in advance. Guided tours ensure that a knowledgeable member of the museum can offer their expertise to you.

You can register to be a part of the museum’s many educational programs. Workshops, camps, talks, and lectures are all offered by the museum as a part of a community outreach effort that speaks to the museum’s commitment to being an accessible venue for art.

Become a member of the Umlauf Sculpture Garden. Membership grants you free unlimited access to the museum all year long and discounts on the various art and music events. Special members-only events are also hosted. Besides contributing to the museum, you are also ensuring yourself a way to cultivate your teen’s artistic side whenever the need arises. The museum staff will be able to assist you with membership information.

Unusual Things And Ideas To Do While In Austin

If your teenager is the adventurous type and likes weird things, there are some unusual things to do in Austin, Texas, too. So here are some not-so-common things and activities you can do.

An unusual place to visit in Austin is the Museum of the Weird. It has weird things including mummies, shrunken heads, live giant lizards, and also freaky animals like a two-headed chicken, a bigfoot exhibit, and ghost exhibits.

The Cathedral of Junk is an unusual thing to do in Austin. It was built by Vince Hannemann and is made out of pieces of junk. You see several rooms and enclaves and there are stairs to climb.

Eating at a trailer park can be an unusual thing to do in Austin. These are mobile units that also serve unusual food. An example of some food they serve includes a Dirty Sanchez taco, a ball of cake on a stick, or a doughnut with chicken and honey.

Listening to wild parakeets that sound like chatterbox squawkers is a bit unusual. They are usually in East Austin and at the Auditorium Shores.

Take a cemetery tour of some of the most notable Texans to walk the state. This is a great way to be different and to get a history lesson without wanting to fall asleep. Try the Texas State Cemetery which dates back to 1851.

Visit the French Legation Museum. This historic home used to be a foreign embassy right in the middle of Texas. Experience the history of Texas and the beauty of this elaborate home.

Have a custom hat made in the style of the greats. Look like you fit right in with your custom cowboy hat crafted by the best hat makers in Texas.

Visit Spamarama, a tribute to all things SPAM. Rather than spending your day going on boring tours stop by this historic cook-off and taste some of the dishes that these talented Texans come up with.

Visit the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar. This is a yearly festival featuring gifts, crafts, art, and music, and is fun for the entire family. Rather than spending your Christmas looking at lights, get out and rub elbows with the locals and come away with some great items.

I told you that Austin is full of unique activities to explore. In a town that likes to keep things weird, there are plenty of cool and unusual attractions for people who want to take a peek at the road less travelled. So keep Austin weird!

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