Manchester City Airport: The Best Things to Do in the Region in a One-Day Tour

It is not a secret that the United Kingdom with its numerous beautiful places and rich history is a top travel destination for many people inside the country and abroad.

Manchester is one of the cities that stand out thanks to its vibrant artistic scene, economic prosperity, and urban luxuries. If you are about to travel there and you are looking for interesting places to visit, you are at the right place.

In this article, you will acquire tourist-oriented information about Manchester City Airport and learn about the best things to do in the region in a one-day trip.

Manchester Airport Parking

As the busiest airport in the North of England, Manchester Airport is aware of travellers’ needs.

The numerous car hire companies on-site and off-site offer solutions to a plethora of situations. Whether you need to park your car at a safe and protected space for a few hours or days, you can have a look at various airport parking options on

The website offers both standard and premium services, allowing you to choose the best option for your needs and budget.

Once you finish comparing car park prices, distances, and extras, you can secure the space that best suits your needs online. Airport parking doesn’t get easier than this.

Leaving Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport makes it extremely easy for travellers to arrive at and depart from the complex even if they haven’t got a private vehicle.

There are train and bus stations in the airport grounds where trams and buses respectively come and go frequently, connecting the airport with the Greater Manchester area.

A recent addition to the ways travellers choose to leave airports is the use of online private transport services. They book a private transfer ride on websites or on mobile apps, and drivers pick them up at the arranged time from the airport.

These types of rides are usually cheaper than taking a taxi. Last but not least, many travellers choose to hire a vehicle so that they can go on road trips and explore their destination at ease.

The Best Things to Do at Manchester Airport in a One-Day Tour

The Manchester Airport area is surrounded by exciting attractions that cater to various interests. During this one-day tour of airport exploration, you’ll have the opportunity to experience a range of unique experiences.

Tatton Park

Explore an English stately home, with grandly decorated rooms and an excellent collection of books and works of art. Once you finish with the tour, enjoy the fresh air and the open space at the vast gardens of the property.

Quarry Bank Mill

If the economic development of Manchester interests you, a visit to Quarry Bank Mill is a must. You can explore the cotton mill and its gardens, dating back to 1784, and learn about the Industrial Revolution.

Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet

If you love shopping, you must spend a few hours at Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet. It is a large designer outlet village, where you will find brand items at discounted prices.

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