Easter treats you need to try this year

Easter is a holiday that brings about fun and Easter treats every year. Celebrated by an estimated 95 countries around the world, the Easter holiday is honoured uniquely in each country but in the UK, the tradition revolves around treats.

Over the years, these sweet treats have come in egg as well as in bunny-shaped form which shows just how innovative companies have become for this holiday. Easter eggs will be 2022s hottest snack on the shelves but don’t rely on big companies for all of your delights and make some yourself from this list of five Easter treats you need to try this year.

Bunny doughnuts

Find a great plain doughnut recipe then create a wonderful coating using melted white chocolate before utilising tasty marshmallows to make the bunny ears and nose. Add the finishing touches by using chocolate chips for the eyes.  

Bunny strawberry milkshakes

Begin by creating bunny ear-shaped cookies which can be decorated however you please, using icing. Ensure there is a slit in the cookie however, as these will need to slide onto a glass and stay upright. Next, draw your bunny’s facial features on a glass before filling it with your milkshake. From here, place your bunny ears on the glass and you’ll have a bunny looking milkshake.  

Tasty Easter Treats

Lemon curd egg cookies

Create a delicious cookie in the shape of an egg before making your lemon curd. Once mixed add a circle of curd to each of the cookies to create a yolk that adds flavour and texture to the cookie. The final step is to add powdered sugar to the top to give I a white finish that fully resembles an egg.  

Spring chickens are another common trend for Easter and these cookies combine that trend with delicious treats. Create a basic cookie base then get yellow icing sugar and begin decorating it to look like a cute little chick before enjoying the snack with the rest of your family.  

Cinnamon rolls

A timeless classic but one that can be done around Easter too. To be enjoyed at breakfast, lunch or dinner, a cinnamon roll combines lovely dough with cinnamon and white icing to create a snack that the whole family can enjoy. Having a recipe for these treats will be great for your future baking habits.

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