Why is camping beneficial for children?

Camping with Children – We all remember those camping trips with the family when we were younger. The excitement of packing all the equipment into the car and the smell of campfires is something that everyone should experience.

Over the last few years, research has revealed that children are spending less time outdoors, which is surprising given the benefits that come with spending time in the natural world.

Here we’ll discuss why you should go camping with children and what benefits it can have for them during the critical years of their development.

Allows them to become one with nature

Having the freedom to explore and be active is a vital part of children’s development and one that is often absent in modern life. Family-friendly campsites enable children to investigate a safe environment to their heart’s content. This is a great way of boosting their creative side and ensuring they stay away from electronic devices.

Let the children run around in nature without shoes. Doing so will allow them to feel the effects of earthing. There are many health benefits of earthing, which include improved sleep quality and balance.

If you’re worried about their sensitive feet becoming injured, a robust pair of barefoot shoes will do the trick, providing the same benefits but with additional protection.

Helps to build resilience

Nowadays, children barely move out of their comfort zone, particularly with them spending more time indoors. Whilst the stability and safety of being inside the house can be beneficial, it won’t allow children to build their confidence or develop resilience.

Putting up the tent, rummaging for supplies and dealing with adversities in weather are all perfect ways of developing resilience – and very common when camping. When children learn how to deal with these hardships, they become more robust and confident.

If they want to try something new, why not let them try sleeping in a hammock, there are lots of hammocks for sale, you just need to research and find the right one for your children.

Lets them develop a strong sense of adventure

Even if it’s just for one night, camping is the best way to immerse your children in new landscapes, sights and sounds. There are likely to be plenty of other children for them to play with and venture off into other locations, like the woods – the perfect recipe for an adventure.

The possibilities are endless when out in the open, including things like star-gazing, fort-building and tree climbing. Depending on where you go, you may even have access to a beach or calm river.

This sense of adventure is a quality that ensures their lives remain full of opportunities. Ultimately, it helps promote a positive outlook on life and can improve their mental wellbeing.

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