How Well Do You Know Olive Oil ?

February 27, 2017Mandi Morrison

When I was younger and my dad did all the cooking I can remember him basically cooking with an entire block of lard (got to love the seventies and eighties!) fast forward 20 years plus and it’s all about the Olive Oil, but how well do you know the different types ?

I love cooking with Olive Oil and also using it on salads, but there is certainly a vast array to choose from, check out this fab infographic to give you all the inside knowledge courtesy of Mr Jamie Oliver, who happens to have a Jamie’s Italian right here in Norwich, which I think will be on our list, the next time we have a well deserved date night!

Did that help you in your decision making about which oil to use for which purpose, and do you now feel like an Oil Oil Connoisseur ?

Now all I need to do is to visit, Spain, Italy and Greece to test them out for myself, all for work purposes, obviously!

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