Party Under Romanian Sky | Best Clubs to Visit While on Your Stag Do Weekend in Bucharest

July 18, 2019Mandi Morrison

As in many European cities, the old city district of Bucharest is the place to go for entertainment. Bars and restaurants like you have never seen before will simply unfold in front of you and you will easily get charmed by the scent of the local delicacies.

But, as the sun sets and the true night party scene in Bucharest is put on the test and the most notable names of Romanian clubbing scene pop up to compete for the greatest number of visitors. In today’s article, we will give you names of the clubs that you simply shouldn’t miss regardless of your taste for that sweet-sweet sound in the night.

Club A

The club was built by students of the architectural department in the 60s and was the first place where local residents could dance to Western music. Today, it is still held by a student spirit, with good music, low prices, and a very cheerful and frivolous atmosphere. The club is filled with people every day because this is the best place if you want to hang out.

In no other club, you can feel as joyfully and vigorously as you can here. Sometimes various cultural events are held here, most often, these are concerts with the participation of local groups. These days there is simply no room for crowding…

Opening Hours

Saturday – Sunday: 16: 00 – 06:00;

Friday: 12:00 – 06:00;

Monday – Thursday: 12:00-05:00

Fire Club

It is one of the oldest clubs in the Old Town. Since the beginning of the 2000s, the club has actively supported young local alternative rock bands. Almost all popular local groups began their careers jamming at this club. Currently, the club consists of a pub, a dance zone, and a concert hall.

This is one of the most acclaimed clubs that fans of such music simply adore. It is especially crowded here on Thursdays, the most beloved by students day. During the day, the club is one of the best places to watch live sports events.

Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday: 12:00 – 05:00


Located in the basement of the house in the city center, this is one of the best places to go for people of 30 + age. This is a place where you can easily fall into nostalgia for student times. The walls of the club are covered with posters with shots from famous films and actors. The club reigns a sort of hippie atmosphere.

Locals love to run into this club to listen to the music of the 70s – 90s and stay in a completely friendly atmosphere, as well as drink and not spend money. It is best to go to the club from Thursday to Sunday when you are lucky enough to attend a concert by Romanian musicians.

Opening Hours:

Friday – Sunday: 5:00 – 06:00;

Monday – Thursday: 15:00 – 06:00

Control Club

The club is very popular as a venue for performances of groups playing indie music, as well as for many years the club was one of the best in the field of electronic music. Many young bands start their careers at this club, and in general, this is a big experimental stage for local musicians and DJs.

If you want to go to the disco of the guru of the DJ booth, go to discos “under the control” of resident DJs who have already earned fame and respect. If you go to the club on Wednesday, you will come across an unexpected surprise – all drinks can be bought on this day with a 50% discount. In the summer, the club participates in the one-day “Control Day Out” festival. Pay attention to the headliners of the party – very famous people can come here!

Opening Hours:

Saturday – Sunday: 15:00 – 06:00;

Monday – Friday: 13:00 – 06:00

Eden Club

The somewhat newcomer on the club scene of the city has already managed to cause a splash of people among electronic music lovers, especially after holding several manele parties. Manele is a musical genre from Romania, a sort of modern interpretation of folk music with Balkan influence.

The club is famous for its post-industrial atmosphere and eclectic music. The club is located in the basement of Ştirbei Palace, where the royal family kept their expensive wines. Currently, it is the epicenter of hipsters and other representatives of the local youth culture. Enjoy music and party in two separate rooms.

The club recently opened its own small terrace, next to the Eden Garden, an inverted plateau enclosed by wild slopes covered with vegetation. The club has its own small terrace next to the Eden Garden, where it is very cozy in the evenings,

Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday: 18:00 – 06:00


For many years, this basement was the top pick of Bucharest’s bars, and in fact, the place did not even have an official name (Ota, in fact, is the name of the owner). Now the club has become even more popular and began calling itself a lounge bar serving homemade international cuisine, and of course alcohol. Parties are usually on Fridays.

To come to this bar, take a bowl of soup and sit down to enjoy a unique and relaxing atmosphere. In the summer, you can relax on the cozy terrace, where you can join the conversation of the local creative crowd and also have a snack and a drink at affordable prices.

Opening Hours:

Wednesday – Thursday: 19:30 – 02:30,

Sometimes Fridays too

Music Club

The music club began its history in 2003 as a venue for live music concerts. Located in a beautiful old renovated building, all the equipment, including the light and sound system, was designed with reference to the best examples of the country. Many Romanian bands played songs from their first albums here (sometimes the last ones, really).

The club is focused on international rock and pop music, so it does not need to be an expert in music to have fun here. In any case, it’s very easy to have fun, because several shots are even included in the price of an entrance ticket (which costs about 20 lei). Concerts are held here every day, and the hall seats 450 people (this is sometimes not enough).

Opening Hours:

Friday – Saturday: 22:00 – 05:00

Kristal Glam Club

The most incredible events in the city take place here. The club was recognized as the best club in Romania 6 times by the websites that categorize the best club in Southeast Europe, and also the club ranks 28th in the Top 50 best clubs in the world. In addition to so many prizes, the club won the heart of the Romanian public when it began to invite the best international and local DJs for parties.

If you are a fan of electronic music, you just can’t miss this place. Excellent light and sound systems and great concerts can be noted. Sunwaves, one of the most popular electronic music festivals in the country, is also held here.

Opening Hours:

Friday: 23:00 – 06:00

Saturday: 23:00 – 06:00

Sunday: 23:00 – 12:00

Monday – Thursday: 12:00 -05 00

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