Need a Half Term Seaside break?

May 26, 2016Mandi Morrison


One of the benefits of  living in the UK, is you are never really much more that two hours drive from the seaside, which is perfect for a half term break.

Over the past decade UK seaside towns have undertaken something of a revival. They manage to provide traditional holiday’s, to suit a wide variety of visitors. The interesting point to note is the growing number of interesting attractions and unique events. This is often set against a backdrop of quite stunning locations,  making it easy to find lots things to do for Children (and adults).

Most of our holidays in the past ten years have been by or close to the sea. Initially we spent time on  seafronts, but as most are set in beautiful parts of the UK and the countryside around these Seaside town is often inspiring. We naturally began not just visiting the coast but exploring the countryside.

With half term close and the prospect of having all the kids at home for the week, A short break or even a weeks holiday could be seen as a costly solution.

However for the brave, who like a last minute bargain, holding on can really save you a lot of money.  This has worked well for us on a number of occasions, as long as you’re not too specific on where you are going.  This is really all part of the adventure.

It’s also very rewarding telling children, by the way we are going on holiday next week.

The Seaside Holiday Park operator Haven have a number of last minute holidays available in half term. They have 36 parks all around the English, Welsh and Scottish coast.

So if you need a break by the sea, take an opportunity to see what sort of a bargain you can pick up and surprise your children this half term.

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