Frozen Fish Treats for Penguins

I told you all yesterday how the Lemurs were keeping cool at Drayton Manor well today it is the turn of the Penguins at Great Yarmouth Sealife Centre!

They may not be from the Antarctic….but even the South American Humboldt penguins at Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre are sweltering a bit in the current heatwave.

Iced Fish Cake Penguin fish cake

Happily for the Fifteen-strong flock, their ingenious keepers have rigged up a sprinkler water shower hose to keep these critters from the Chilean coastline….chilly enough for comfort.

 They have also been busy freezing tasty fish into nice cooling ice-blocks which means these feathered stars can have a bit of fun breaking into the ultimate cold buffet!

 Of course, when the rays are especially blistering the birds can also take to their deep dive pool, where visitors can marvel at their sub-marine agility with the help of a special underwater viewing window.


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  1. Milton Garcia
    July 24, 2016 / 12:31 pm

    Aww, that penguin looks adorable.. I bet it would be fun feeding one.

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