Who Fancies a Gunge-filled Extravaganza with Beano ?

September 8, 2016Mandi Morrison

Who remembers reading The Beano when they were younger, I used to love reading about Dennis the Menace and Gnasher and all their exploits, well you will be pleased to hear (if you loved it obviously!) that its being relaunched and to celebrate they are holding a Family Frenzy, gunge-filled extravaganza that YOU could be part of!

The menace makers at Beano HQ have plotted a TOP SECRET VIP launch extravaganza and are making a series of limited tickets available to the most intrepid and mischievous members of the public…

Bringing the new Beano brand to life at a secret London location on Sunday 25th September, children will have the opportunity to step into an amazing experience like no other. Tasked with a top secret gunge-filled mission, children aged 7-10 years will get their own back on the ‘rents as they cause mischief and mayhem in this truly interactive, highly confidential, Beano event. In a world where the kids are in charge, adults enter at their own peril.

beano invite

The rules are…there are no rules!

EVENT: The Beano Experience

DATE: Sunday 25th September (approx. 15:00-18:00pm)

LOCATION: TOP SECRET Central London location

PRICE: Free entry

TICKETS: Apply for a Family Ticket (4 tickets) at beanoexperience@housepr.com

Please note, tickets are subject to availability and guests will be chosen at random. Guests are only able to gain access to the event upon receiving an accreditation email. Applicants are advised that the recommended age of children for the event is between 7-10 years old.

Will you be applying ?

Let me know if you get chosen and how you get on, and if you get gunged, obviously!

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