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#WIN Lightwater Valley Family Ticket for Fab Feb Family Fun

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It’s hard to believe we are in the last third of January, it has literally flown by, which can only mean one thing..


If you have already started thinking about what to do to amuse your little ones, do not fear, I have THE perfect day out for you.

fab feb family fun

Between Thursday 16th February and Tuesday 21st February Lightwater Valley are hosting a Fab Feb Family Fun event. It is taking place between 10.30am – 3.30pm, with entrance at just £6 per person, and free entry for Under 1s and Season Ticket Holders, it sounds like a great day out, and a great price. As it is such a fabulous deal, booking is essential, you cannot just turn up on the day and pay.

It is ideal for 8 years and under with heaps to do both indoors and outdoors, with a selection of rides and Giant indoor inflatables

The Angry Birds Activity Park and Angry Birds Space will be open along with the Lightwater Falconry Centre with over 50 amazing raptors, mammals and reptiles. You’ll also find Riggmoor Mobile Farm with lots of cute and cuddly animals for you to pet and feed, including rabbits, lambs, piglets, miniature ponies, cows and alpacas. Our Shopping Village will be open, where you can find discounts of up to 50% off the RRP along with our Granary Café and Jo’s Café for a delicious lunch or coffee and cakes.

Rides and activities open at Fab Feb Family Fun:*

Skyrider • Eagles’ Creek Farm •Carousel • Eagles’ Claw • Trauma Tower • Ladybug • Space Pirates • Noah’s Ark • Human Cannonball • Angry Birds Activity Park • Angry Birds Space • Indoor Soft Play • Bouncy Castles • Pirate Assault Course • Giant Slide • Pillow Bash • Animal Feeding • Lightwater Falconry Centre • Reptile Handling • Petting Farm • Shops • Cafes

*Availability of rides and attractions is correct at publication but may be subject to change on the day.

For Full details go and check out Fab Feb Family Fun.


The wonderful people at Lightwater Valley have kindly given me a Family Ticket for up to 5 people to giveaway, so follow the instructions below and GOOD LUCK
Lightwater Valley Fab Fun Giveaway

Happy Birthday! How To Throw The Best Parties For Your Little Ones

January birthdays are never particularly easy. Not only has Christmas only just passed, but the weather outside tends to be pretty miserable. If your child had a summer birthday then you could probably just unleash them on your back garden and let them cause as much havoc as they want – but when the weather outside is grim and rainy, unfortunately you have to keep them inside. Luckily, there are still plenty of great options that you can go for this time of year – here are some ways to have a great winter birthday.



It’s winter, so why not theme the party around that? This is particularly easy if your child is a huge fan of Frozen – why not hire Elsa and Anna actors? – but even if not, you could get the kids to cut out and decorate snowflakes that you can hang from the ceiling, you could have a hot chocolate bar where the kids can add marshmallows to their chocolate, you can get lots of icy silver and blue decorations. Or why not go the other direction and choose a summer party in winter? Crank your heating up and get out the Hawaiian shirts!


If you’re feeling brave, why not have the party at your house? That’ll mean that you can control everything about the party, right down to the decorations – but if you’d rather that someone else did those things for you, you could hire a hall or maybe take the kids out to a soft place centre for the afternoon. Just make sure that you book it well in advance in case another child gets in there first! Put all the venue information on the invitation, including parking, so the parents know exactly what’s going on when they drop their child off. If you want to hire out a venue like the soft play centre, or if you want to do an activity like laser quest or bowling, then you’ll get to relax a little more. The only problem is that it might be considerably more pricey than a party at home would be. Children’s parties particularly can get expensive, so it’s important that you budget carefully.



Luckily, food for kids is usually pretty simple. If you want to be able to completely relax, then why not hire a caterer? Although it might be a little pricy, it could definitely lift a weight off your shoulders. If you want to do the food yourself then remember that kids can be picky – go for food like pizza, hot dogs, burgers and fries, which are easy to make and also pretty universally popular. A cold buffet is also a good idea – go for sandwiches and snacks like crisps and cheese straws that the kids can pick up easily, along with a fruit platter that they can pick their favourites from. You only need to make the cake yourself if you really love baking – if not, save yourself the bother and get a favourite photograph printed on a sheet cake. Your child will love it and it’ll be a great personal touch.


#NewYearNewYou Laugh Your way into New Year


When we are travelling in the car we have to find movies that are suitable for everyone, which usually means family films or something Disney related, and I love them all and I love seeing the faces of the little ones when something funny happens, but after a discussion with mum and dad, I have decided to look at something different, as well as disney and family films, I also love musicals, which mum and dad haven’t got into, so I challenged them to try musicals, whilst I am going to give comedy a go! The five films that I am going to be watching are.

Doc Hollywood – Ben Stone (Michael J. Fox) is an ambitious East Coast plastic surgeon who leaves his home in Washington for a life of riches in California. On the way West he crashes his car in the small town of Grady, and is resentfully obliged to stay there whilst his vehicle is being repaired. As the town doesn’t have a doctor, Stone is soon roped in for medical help, and finds himself strangely enjoying the simpler pleasures of small-town existence.

Yes Man – Carl Allen (Jim Carrey), a guy whose life is going nowhere – the operative word being “no”. That is until he signs up for a self-help program based on one simple covenant: say yes to everything, and anything. Unleashing the power of “Yes” begins to transform Carl’s life in amazing and unexpected ways. But will this end up being too much of a good thing?

Due Date – Businessman Peter Highman (Downey Jr.) is an anxiously expectant first-time father whose wife’s due date is only five days away. As Peter rushes to catch a flight home to Los Angeles from Atlanta to be present at the birth, complications arise and he is forced to hitch a ride home with aspiring actor Ethan Tremblay (Galifianakis). The two unlikely companions embark on a frenzied cross-country road trip that will change both of their lives forever.

Two Weeks Notice – Millionaire George Wade (Hugh Grant) doesn’t make a move without Lucy Kelson (Sandra Bullock), his multi-tasking Chief Counsel at the Wade Corporation. A brilliant attorney with a strategic mind, she also has an ulcer and doesn’t get much sleep. It’s not the job that’s getting to her: it’s George. Smart, charming and undeniably self-absorbed, he treats her more like a nanny than a Harvard-trained lawyer – and can barely choose a tie without his help. Now, after months of calling the shots, on everything from his clothes to his divorce settlements, Lucy Kelson is calling it quits. Although George makes it difficult for Lucy to leave the Wade Corporation, he finally agrees to let her go – but only if she finds her own replacement. After a challenging search, she hires an ambitious young lawyer (Alicia Witt) with an obvious eye on her wealthy new boss. Confronted with the fact that Lucy is literally sailing out of his life, George faces a decision of his own: is it ever too late to say “I love you”?

Horrible Bosses – For Nick, Kurt and Dale, the only thing that would make the daily grind more tolerable would be to grind their intolerable bosses into dust. Quitting is not an option, so, with the benefit of a few-too-many drinks and some dubious advice from a hustling ex-con, the three friends devise a convoluted and seemingly foolproof plan to rid themselves of their respective employers…permanently. There’s only one problem: even the best laid plans are only as foolproof as the brains behind them.

All of these can be purchased on Amazon. Have you seen any of these, which should I watch first ?


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