Are you attending Screamland at Dreamland ?

October 12, 2016Mandi Morrison

Dreamland mutates into Screamland after dark this October for the biggest and best scare festival in the region. Experience the darker side of Dreamland over 6 nights this Halloween between 14th October – 29th October .

This exclusive evening event will immerse you into a frightening world of interactive scare mazes and sideshows set to thrill and haunt the darkest soul. Included in your Screamland ticket is unlimited use of all the rides – some with an unexpected twist

This is not for the faint hearted and certainly not for the children (suggested age 14+)Festino’s

Festino’s Forgotten Funhouse – King of Clowns

Pearlywight, the self-styled King of Clowns, and Alonzo Festino’s one-time apprentice, has taken control of the old Funhouse. Frenzied with fury, the cannibal clown and his hoard of carnivorous cohorts have overthrown Festino, presenting Festino’s Forgotten Funhouse in their own sinister style. It is guaranteed to wipe the smile off your face permanently!

The Paradise Foundation

Happy but broke? Rich but unhappy? No problem…Contact The Paradise Foundation, where we can transform you, literally, into the very best version of ‘you’. Take a tour of our facility, or check yourself in for the revolutionary, if controversial, BLISS full transformative service. Doctor Prometheus and his devotees will ensure that you are never quite the same person again, but remember, paradise comes at a price… Are you a patron or a provider?

dreamland 1

The bloody mirror

Enter a mist-clad netherworld of mirrors and madness and journey towards an inevitable encounter with the Bloody mary herself as you gaze into the bloody mirror for a trial with a twist. Call her name… if you dare.

dreamland 2

The Final Cut Presents..They Came from Outer Space

Step into the movies as you take the starring role in a science-fiction screamer! Collect your ticket for Horrorwood Picture House, and pass through the silver screen… Become part of the action in an alien adventure, as The Final Cut takes on a whole new dimension. Lights! Camera! HACKtion!

dreamland 3

Dead & Breakfast II – Murder Hotel

Fag Ash Lil, the sickeningly sarcastic landlady at Better Days Guest House, opens her creaking doors once again, to welcome you into her decrepit seaside hotel. But behind the salt-scarred façade, deep in the bowels of the building, an even darker horror awaits. Sharpen your senses as you take a journey into Dead & Breakfast, don’t miss it, or you’ll be gutted, but beware… the hunt is on.

The Story teller

Join Eliza Body, the strictly sinister spinster, as she reads twisted tales from her weatherworn storybook. But, be warned, as Ms Body has a peculiar propensity for bringing the characters in her stories vividly to life…

Will you be brave enough ?

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