A Charitable Adventure

With such a heavy focus on Christmas and gifts right now, I think it is an opportune time to open our children’s hearts to those around them that are not as fortunate as others are. We are incredibly lucky to have our family, friends and loved ones around for love and support. We are incredibly lucky to have our home, possessions, and health. We are incredibly lucky – but there are so many families and children that are not, and to live in a world where we do not consider those around us is very sad indeed.

With that in mind, especially as we approach Christmas, I think we should share the concept of charity and helping those in need with our children. Christmas is much more than just a time for giving and receiving gifts, it is a time for family, friends and making memories to be cherished. For so many, through no fault of their own, this sadly isn’t an option.

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As parents, we have all seen our children fight and squabble over who gets to play with a specific toy, or arguing because they don’t want their dinner. To introduce the idea of charity and equality into their lives should help them grow and develop with empathy and kindness without judgement.

There are so many ways that we can show our offspring how to be charitable – and the adventures they will lead in the process is something we can all look forward to.

Introducing Charity to Children – Every Little Counts

Although many consider charity as donating money to a cause, there are many ways we all get involved with charity on a daily basis. This is a fantastic way of showing your children that they are already involved in giving charity and they should feel good for that!

Whether this is helping someone who looks lost, holding a door open for someone struggling or a smile at a stranger in the street, these are all acts that might seem small but the smile they bring to someone else makes all the difference.

Another way to get children involved in charity is to get involved yourself; lead by example and our children will follow suit. Visit a local food bank with donations and take your children with you to show them exactly what goes on and why help is needed. Donate small change at the supermarket and encourage your children to look into the charities and research the work that they do. You could even Sponsor a child and explain just how a small donation each month can transform another child’s life.

Charity doesn’t Have to Be Money

Although making donations to charity boxes or sponsoring children is, of course, a wonderful way of giving charity to those in need, it doesn’t need to be monetary donations to make a difference. There are so many people – including children – that would benefit from clothes, shoes and toys, so why not have a clear out before Christmas? IT’s a fantastic way of encouraging your children to get involved.

A Lifetime Adventure

By familiarising our children with the concept of charity when they are younger, the more likely it is that we will help them form lifelong charitable habits and values – which is all we can really ask for! By teaching the younger generations that charity starts at home (this can be as simple as helping elders, donating essentials to a food bank or an animal shelter and even giving blood), we are doing our bit to set them up with these values for life.

Christmas is a great time to open the dialogue about the need for charity with children, and it teaches them to be kind, empathetic and humble in the process. So why not start that adventure with them today!

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